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Storm Northwest Tour Wrap Up

The Storm Northwest Tour wrapped up its season at the Grand Finals in Pocatello Idaho at Tough Guy lanes. Andy Kinney secures his first title of the season at the last tournament of the season in dramatic fashion striking in the 10th frame to secure the victory. Alex Hoskins Made another run at a title but fell just short with another split late in his match against Andy leaving the door open for him to lock in the win. Daria Pajak and Ken Hayase-Fong were also in the step laddr4 finals with Andy beating both of them in order to advance to the title match.

In the end though, Alex secured another season long championship. His reign over the SNWT has been long and powerful and it doesn't seem to be slowing anytime soon. His unrivaled consistency is the reason he finds himself at the top of the points standings making nearly every step ladder on the tour.

Next season will begin with the Storm Utah Open, the biggest tournament on the schedule. Every shot will be broadcast on our YouTube channel and is amping up to be our best stream to date! Several high profile names will be competing on one of bowling's toughest tests. Be sure to stay tuned and subscribe to our site to stay up to date!


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