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Does Championship Bowling Sponsor Bowlers?

Yes! But not in traditional ways. We have a heavy focus on social media use. If you have a following, hit us up!

When is your next event?

Check out the CB TOUR schedule for our upcoming events!

Can youth bowlers compete in your events?

Yes! We make it a point for youth bowlers to be able to compete in our events. Chayton is an RVP with the USBC and has a SMART account.

Can we book you to stream an event?

Absolutely. We would love to go over what we do when we cover an event, and the charges for something like that, Send us an email at

How can we get your Jerseys?

We would love for you to wear one of our Jerseys! They are made by Jersey Alley and we can send you a mock up that you can customize and purchase through Jersey Alley! just shoot us a message!

Will you host an event at my center?

We are actively lookin at centers to host our events. We do things a little different, like invite coffee/dessert trucks, bring in sponsor activations, live stream, and much more. If your center is ok with this, and local bowlers would participate, we would love to hear more about your center!

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