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CB TOUR Junior

One of the core values at Championship Bowling is growing the game. Our best avenue of doing this is through the next generation of bowlers. That is why we are launching CB TOUR Junior for season 2 of the CB TOUR! Juniors have always been able to bowl Championship Bowling events, but now we have made it easier than ever before. Check out CB TOUR Junior down below!

Storm Idaho Junior Open standings available at bottom of page.



Entry Fee - $60

We want to make CB TOUR Junior as accessible as possible, and we understand the main event entry fee can be a bit intimidating. That is why the CB TOUR Junior entry fee will be just $60. This will allow youth bowlers from all walks of life get the CB experience. 



CB TOUR Junior will follow the same format as the main event. Youth bowlers will compete alongside CB TOUR bowlers during qualifying and Cashers Round. Then they will bowl a condensed version of a bracket consisting of 4, 6, or 8 junior bowlers depending on how many junior bowlers sign up. If there are not enough Junior Girls or Boys, they will be combined into 1 division. 



Main Event Options

Junior bowlers who wish to also compete in the main event can do so by paying just the main event entry fee. They will be entered into both events and their score count for both events. If the youth bowler makes the main event cut, they will be taken out of the CB TOUR Junior division for that event. Juniors can also pay the main event reentry fee and have that score count for both CB TOUR Junior and the main event.


CB TOUR Junior Points

At the end of the season we will award Boy and a Girl Junior Bowler of the Year. Points will be earned the same way they are in the main events, and youth bowlers who make the main event cut will be rewarded both CB TOUR and CB TOUR Junior points. In order to receive points, youth bowlers must purchase a CB TOUR Junior membership for $20. CB TOUR Junior memberships will receive the same benefits as Elite memberships, but will only accrue points in the CB TOUR Junior points race. CB TOUR Basic and Elite memberships will receive points for both main event and CB TOUR Junior points.


CB TOUR Junior Membership

Storm Idaho Junior Open Standings

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Long Pattern

Medium Pattern

U12 Boys Standings

U12 Girls Standings

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