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Storm Idaho Open Rankings 8 - 5

The Storm Northwest Tour heads to Burley Idaho for the Storm Idaho Open. In a center that saw an epic battle between Gio and Josh Link on the pink lit pins, we look to crown a new champion. As with just about every center on the circuit, Snake River Bowl will show its teeth with its unique lane surface that is sure to challenge all who attempt to conquer this event. Let's dive into who we think has the best shot at taming this viper.

8. Daira Pajak - Daria comes into this weekend after a much needed break. She missed the cut at the Storm Utah Open, however, made the step ladder at the grand finals losing to eventual champion Andy Kinney. Daria can trick the ball really well, and you’re gonna need to on the lane surface at Snake River Bowl. The friction there is funny, it hooks early, but its tight downlane, unless you're a bit slow then the ball bounces very hard off of it. If she can manage her ball reaction and make good decisions down the stretch she has a shot at making the show. But you gotta get that monkey off your back first and make the cut!

7. Manny Ferrell - Manny comes in shooting up the rankings after a very impressive 4th place finish at the Storm Utah Open. Not many people can say they bested Darren Tang, Brad Miller, and Alex Hoskins down the stretch. Manny bounced back after a 150 game in the closing games of the elimination finals that put him within striking distance of Brad and Alex. He fended them off having to mark in the 10th to stay in the show. Although of course Manny was looking to run the latter, he too was bested by the eventual champion Cameron Henning. We all knew Manny had the game to compete out here, but his maturity is what needed tuning. Here he is, poised to solidify his name as a contender with a breakout year. If Manny can get a win, his confidence will be unstoppable.

6. Nick Borgaro - Nick comes off a 2nd place finish up in Ronan where he bested Josh Link and lost to Alex Hoskins. Nick’s speed allows him to be able to keep his angels closer which is a good thing at Snake River. However, as we have seen in the past, the slow wheel has reigned supreme when we get 14 games into it. We saw though, at the Utah Open what a little hook right can do. The pattern we will be bowling on this weekend seems to have a little play to the right in it too. Will we see a new strategy come into play? If so, Nick could be the man to beat come Sunday


5. Steve Kloempken - Steveo comes back and is ready to flex on the young guns on the SNWT. We haven't seen him in action since the Grand Finals as he was running the SUO. Steve missed the Storm Idaho Open cut last year, but won the year prior. What does that mean? Well, we know he has had success in this building before, and that will pay dividends as things progress Sunday. Like I mentioned before, it's looking like this pattern will have some playability right, and SK is really damn good throwing reactive out there. If that look can hold up, we could see Steve make another show in Burley. Will he win? That is something a little different. The gauntlet of players he will need to go through are going to put up one tough test.

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