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Storm Idaho Open Rankings 1 - 4

The Storm Northwest Tour heads to Burley Idaho for the Storm Idaho Open. In a center that saw an epic battle between Gio and Josh Link on the pink lit pins, we look to crown a new champion. As with just about every center on the circuit, Snake River Bowl will show its teeth with its unique lane surface that is sure to challenge all who attempt to conquer this event. Let's dive into who we think has the best shot at taming this viper.

4. Cameron Henning - Cameron comes to us as the reigning Storm Utah Open champion defeating the likes of Dallas Leong and PJ Haggerty. He was able to find a way to control the pocket and grind his way to a victory at one of the toughest tests in bowling. Now he set his eyes on the Idaho Open. A different beast with some different challenges. I predict the scoring pace will be a bit higher and Cameron is going to need to find a way to strike a little more to give himself a chance at claiming another victory in Burley. They guys he is going to have to get through are all red hot right now, and Cameron has solidified his place with them. Now we get to see what a little momentum and confidence looks like.

3. Andy Kinney - Andy continues to keep himself atop the rankings now as he has shown this momentum he is riding is prevailing. Andy is throwing the ball tremendously, and is coming off a great showing at the Storm Utah Open. That’s after selling the deal at the Grand Finals by striking in the 10th to beat Alex. Andy finished 15th last year in this event, and has bowed here enough times to know its tendencies. It’s anyone's game with this top 3, and Andy could absolutely make a run for the SNWT points championship with a win this weekend. Will he be able to beat our top 2 though, let's take a look.

2. Josh Link - Josh comes off a 3rd place finish in Ronan and a 22nd finish at the Utah Open. He also led match play at the Idaho Open last year and put on an epic battle with Giorgio. Josh bowles well in this center with his game matching up perfectly to this lane surface. I’m pretty sure we’re going to see Josh make a deep run from the looks of the pattern, he can strike with the best of them. Ultimately it will come down the choices Josh makes from his moves with transition and his ball choices. Once we get to the step ladder, anything can happen.

1. Alex Hoskins - Alex comes into the weekend off of a win in Ronan, which was his first trip to the rez and made an immediate impact. Now he comes to Burley looking to do the same at Snake River Bowl. We all know at this point how good Alex is at tricking the ball. He can make basically anything work on any pattern. This gets him really deep into every Sunday it seems. But. What I have noticed is when someone bowls him with their A game, they usually get the good break hits late into matches. We have seen in the last few shows Alex come oh so close to capturing another title, but things just don't work out, and his opponents step up and throw good shots. It seems crazy to say it, but it’s been a while since we saw Alex win on TV, and I think we are going to see that change this weekend.

The 2023 Storm Idaho Open begins at 8 AM Saturday March 4th with the first of 6 qualifying squads LIVE on Championship Bowling’s YouTube page! For the full schedule check our pinned post on Facebook and Instagram.

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