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Railroader Scratch Classic Rankings 1 - 6

The Storm Northwest Tour heads to Nampa Bowl in Nampa Idaho for the first time since we have been involved in covering events. Dallas Burke and his crew have put together an incredible format and pattern for this weekend. As one of the final events of the season and the last one we will be covering until the CB TOUR starts in August, let's take a look at some favorites in the field!

6. Tyler Lopez - Tyler is riding a wave of momentum lately after making the show at the Storm Idaho Open, and narrowly missing the Ringin’ 10 show. Tyler consistently makes match play and I think this event will be no different. With this momentum though,. He could be a real threat at nabbing a title this weekend, and man would that be cool to see. Tyler Is exciting to watch and the show we would get to see would be hot! As long as Tyler can stay locked in and make the right moves down the stretch, we may see another show featuring Tyler Lopez.

5. Kendle Miles - This could be Kendle’s weekend. We are in a center where we don’t bowl much, and on a pattern that utilizes some tricks we haven’t seen in the past. Kendle has a lot of tricks and I think you’re going to need them this weekend if you want to bowl for a title. Kendle has been right there with 2 games to go so many times now, and I really want to see him in a step ladder at a tournament we cover. I really think this could be his weekend, so please give my man a few breaks and let him show us what he’s got!

4. Alex Hoskins - Alex comes in after a few weeks off from the SNWT after missing the Ringin’ 10 to bowl the USBC Masters where he did pretty damn well. His Idaho Open bid was less than ideal though and the guys above him are just a little hotter right now. What experience in this center does Alex have, I am not sure. What I do know is he is the master of tricks, and if there is anyone who will be able to handle this pattern, it will be Alex. With that said, I think Alex is a lock for the show, but he’s gonna need a few breaks to fall his way to secure another title.

3. Andy Kinney - Andy continues to keep himself atop the rankings now as he has shown this momentum he is riding is prevailing. Andy is throwing the ball tremendously, and is coming off a great showing at the Storm Utah Open and Idaho Open. That’s after sealing the deal at the Grand Finals by striking in the 10th to beat Alex. It’s anyone's game with this top 3, and Andy could absolutely make a run for the SNWT points championship with a win this weekend. One wild card here is it seems Andy has gotten a few new rocks in the bag and signed a contract with the Brunswick brands. Will that factor into anything in a center we don't go to? That we are going to find out.

2. Giorgio Clinaz - Gio finds himself up in the top tier of the rankings once again after winning the Ringin’ 10 in Butte. Finding some momentum to go off of, we know Gio can get on hot streaks. Once again, Gio has experience on patterns that use tricks like this and has tools to combat it. If he matches up in this center, He may just be unbeatable. But when Gio’s look isn't great, he struggles to keep pace with the leaders. I think though, this is the spark Gio needed to catch fire and go on another streak.

1. Clay Rees - Clay after being down pretty big there for a bit, has found himself on back to back shows at the Idaho Open and the Ringin’ 10. Next to Alex he has the softest touch at the bottom and if that is the play on this pattern, Clay will be tough to beat. Time will tell how the topography is at Nampa Bowl, ntu rarely does that matter for Clay, unless it’s at the Idaho Masters. I am predicting we will see Clay get the job done in Nampa and find himself in the winners circle once again on the SNWT.

The 2023 Corwin Ford & Capital Mortgage Railroader Scratch Classic at Nampa Bowl in Nampa Idaho begins at 9 AM Saturday April 29th with the first of 3 qualifying squads LIVE on Championship Bowling’s YouTube page! For the full schedule check our pinned post on Facebook and Instagram.

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