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Railroader Scratch Classic Power Rankings 12 - 7

The Storm Northwest Tour heads to Nampa Bowl in Nampa Idaho for the first time since we have been involved in covering events for the 2023 Corwin Ford & Capital Mortgage Railroader Scratch Classic. Dallas Burke and his crew have put together an incredible format and pattern for this weekend. As one of the final events of the season and the last one we will be covering until the CB TOUR starts in August, let's take a look at some favorites in the field!

12. Zach Trevino - Zach has been pretty quiet on the SNWT, but at the Ringin’ 10 found himself in the step ladder. He lost in the semifinal match on what we were told was a wild finish to eventual champion Giorgio Clinaz. With that said, we would like to see Zach make a nice run this weekend as he brings a little excitement when things get tight. I think Zach’s ability to play a little straight may help him with the pattern we will be bowling on this weekend that was created by Dallas Burke. That speed bump at the end could spell trouble for those with higher ball speeds.

11. Brody Chatterton - Brody is coming off a win at the Storm Idaho Junior Open and is looking to carry that momentum to this weekend where the competition will be a little tougher. This pattern is going to be tricky and Brody throws it pretty hard, so that speed bump may or may not be an issue. He can play straighter, with urethane, and I’m not sure whether urethan is going to play. Usually that speed bump is used to combat the use of urethane, but there is some shape in this pattern. Plus Brody is 2 handed, so he can certainly make the ball book, but the tools in his bag aren’t quite as expansive as some of the bowlers in the field this week. That really just comes down to experience though and Brody is young. Where he does make up for it, is that this is his home center, and knowing the center is a huge plus. We are looking for Brody to have a breakout performance.

10. Riley Woodard - Riley has had some really consistent finishes lately, making match play, but not quite making it to a show. Riley does a good job at controlling his ball reaction with his natural ball roll which could help a lot on this pattern. I have very little to go off here unfortunately as I haven't been to this center yet. Nor have we seen a pattern like this on the SNWT. Riley is a fun bowler to watch and if he can lock in and have a few breaks go his way, we could see Riley make a serious run at making a show since winning the Meridian Open.

9. KT Simpson - KT comes to us off a solid finish at the Idaho Open and may be able to manage this oil pattern the best this weekend. KT thrives when the conditions are tough, and if the pattern does play as tricky as it might, KT will have an advantage. She’s so consistent at these events, and we have seen some sparks in the past of what could be a title run out here. If she catches a few of the right breaks and her ball reaction is good, KKT is ripe for a run at a show.

8. Kyle Morrison - Kyle comes in after taking a bit of a break from the SNWT. Although he may not bowl in as many events as some of the rest on this list, he is still a massive threat. Kyle has been on a hot streak in local tournaments here in Utah and is looking to carry that momentum into this weekend. THe pattern though is going to be the great equalizer. Kyle is best when he can get in and hook it. Eventually I think it will get there, so Kyle will need to find a way to manage his ball reaction on the fresh. If he can do this, he has a shot at making his 2nd show on Championship Bowling since the CB Masters.

7. Daria Pajak - Daria is coming off some struggles on the SNWT falling to make the cut at the Ringin 10. She though has a lot of experience on patterns like this from bowling on the PWBA Tour. Pair to pair has been her struggle as most of the time her blocks are roller coasters. I would like to see her slow the game down a little and manage the bad pair. SHe has th raw talent to get on a show on the SNWT, she's shown she can win on the PWBA Tour, so its a matter of when not if on the SNWT. The transition and patterns are different out here no doubt, but as the PWBA Tour season approaches, Daria is looking to gain some momentum, and this could be that weekend.

The 2023 Corwin Ford & Capital Mortgage Railroader Scratch Classic at Nampa Bowl in Nampa Idaho begins at 9 AM Saturday April 29th with the first of 3 qualifying squads LIVE on Championship Bowling’s YouTube page! For the full schedule check our pinned post on Facebook and Instagram.

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