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CB TOUR Season 1 Recap: Records, Championships, and Exciting Plans Ahead

The CB TOUR has come to an end for season 1 and we wanted to do a breakdown of some of the stats. 

All in all we had 224 individual bowlers compete in Season 1, bowling a total of 3,769 games of qualifying and cashers round. Darren Tang was the average leader with at least 15 games edging out Kendle Miles by .6 pins with 230.8. Our median average was 189.6 and mean average was 188.1 of the 224 bowlers. There will be a page available on the website for you to find your average coming soon.

Scoring records were set with Dallas Leong being the first CB TOUR bowler to shoot 300. Eric Tsuchida also bowled the first 800, which was the first 3 games of his record setting 1283 for his 5 game total. Alex Hoskins and Luke Brown set the 3 game scoring record at 770 each in the cashers round at the RIGC. We will also be making a page on the website to house these records.

The points championship proved to be very exciting with Kendle Miles having to win the CBTC to pass Alex Hoskins. Kendle finished with 3300 points over Alex’s 3162.5; they took home bonuses of $2000 and $1250 respectively. Kyle Morrison beat out Dallas Leong by 300 points, 2325 to 2025, for 3rd and 4th place. The top 16 bowlers cashed in the points championship with the cut off being Manny Ferrell at 1044 points. Points have been finalized and can be found under the CB TOUR points webpage.

Total monies paid out during the course of the 4 event season including side action totaled $122,780 with $77,540 being main event prizes, and $45,240 being side action. Of the $77,540 paid out in main event prizes, $4,870 was SMART scholarships. Thanks to the CB Youth Scholarship Fund, most youth who bowled an event took home some form of scholarship. Our goal for season 1 was to reach the $100,000 mark and we did that! Season 2 we hope to pay $100,000 in main event prize money and $50,000 in side action. Our money leader this year was also the points champion who took home $10,500 this year. His average finish was 1.33 with finishes of 2nd, 1st, and 1st. In total 17 bowlers cashed for over $1,000 and 97 bowlers received a check in season 1. 

Social Media crushed it this year with collaborations with Darren Tang, Daryus and Gyrus Alo with Jake King, and many more. We added Chad McLean to the team to create content for us during event weekends. I can tell you, no one does a better job. Chad makes bowling look clean, fresh, and cool which has attracted a lot of potential partners to our brand. We reached such a large audience and our livestream community was amazing. The final tournament saw 1500 concurrent viewers for the title match. We amassed 1,300,000 views on youtube alone thanks to the show you all put on. This has led to some new partners for season 2 that will allow our staff to better serve you and increase our prize funds.

Kenzi and I would like to thank each and every one of you who bowled, watched, subscribed, engaged, followed, and spread the word about what we are doing. Without such an amazing fan base like you guys, we would not be where we are today. Season 1 was a massive success not only by the numbers, but as proof of what we can do together, what we can create for bowling. Season 2 schedule is being worked on as we speak and a survey will be sent out to everyone to get feedback on things we can do to make the experience even better. 

Thank you all,

Chayton Petersen - Founder, Co-Owner, and Competition Director

Championship Bowlers Tour

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