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2023 Championship Bowling Masters Wrap Up and Points Breakdown

The Championship Bowling Masters presented by REX Ball reviews, Beckstead Landscape, Meredith and AJ in the morning 94.1 KODJ, and Storm Bowling products has come to an end and man, was it beautiful

In the wake of some of the worst bowling news we have received in a long time with the passing of co-founder of Storm Bowling Products Bill Chrisman, the CB Masters poetically ended with 2 Storm employees leaving it all on the line in the title match. Kendle and Alex put on a hell of a show to a packed house as the Sunday night league came in as we were wrapping up. Alex hoisted the now dubbed “Bill W. Chrisman Championship Bowling Masters Trophy” as he won the roll off in the first match and swept Kendle in the 2nd match, Bill’s legacy will live on as only the truly worthy will survive this bracket and hoist this beautiful trophy.

Alex Hoskins goes back to back redeeming his finish at last year's CB Masters where he fell just short to Clay Rees in the roll off. He rallied after a very shaky 160 160 start in his first qualifying squad where he quickly turned it around to get himself in the top 10 in qualifying. Alex has dominated this season and has set the bar extremely high already for future seasons. He has almost locked up the points championship in just 2 events. Alex has won $8,000 in CB TOUR events and is looking to add to that tally. Alex will set records that may never be broken in season 1. With 2500 points and over a 1000 point lead, it will take a miracle to catch Alex, all he needs is a few decent finishes and no one else to go back to back.

This year's CB Masters also saw the CB TOUR 5 game scoring record set by Eric Tsuchida with 1283 for an average of 256.6. He also shot 800 for the first 3 games, his first ever. Eric finished 7th in the event and now sits at a tie for 11th in points with 960 points. Eric is looking to continue with this momentum in the 2nd half of the season at the Coach K Scholarship Open and Tour Championship.

Kyle Morrison repeated his 4th place finish which almost ended earlier on a pocket 7-10 on the same lane that ended his run last year. This year fortunately, Brayden Linke left a big 4 to lose the roll off and allow Kyle to advance. Kyle now sits 2nd in points at 1437.5 which is 1062.5 behind Alex Hoskins. Kyle will need help from Alex and snag 2 top 3 finishes in the next 2 events to have a shot at the points championship.

2 surprises at the CB Masters were Kendle taking 2nd in his CB Tour debut and Nick Borgaro missing the cut and finishing t50th. Kendle put on a masterful performance being the winners bracket finalist. Nick Borgaro struggled to strike enough to make the Open division cut and dropped him to 4th in the points at 1310.5. Kendle, after getting 0 points after missing the RIGC, shoots to 5th with 1300 points. Both trail Alex by nearly 1200 points, forcing them to most likely needing a win in one or both of the next 2 events.

Dallas Burke continues his consistency finishing 3rd after losing to Alex in a roll off. His 14th place finish and 3rd place finish nets him 1425 points. Sitting just behind Kyle Morrison and over 1000 behind Alex Dallas will need to bowl and finish just as well in both the final 2 events, Missing one would cause Dallas to fall substantially in the points which pays the top 16.

Points Standings Breakdown (Top 16):

As we delve into the points standings, it becomes evident that the competition for the points championship is heating up. Here's a closer look at the top 16 bowlers and what they need to do to challenge Alex Hoskins:

Alex Hoskins (2500 points) - To maintain his lead, Hoskins will need to continue his consistent performances in the remaining events.

Kyle Morrison (1437.5 points) - Morrison has the strongest chance to overtake Hoskins with atleast top 3 finishes in the upcoming events.

Dallas Burke (1425 points) - Burke's consistency puts him in an excellent position to contend for the championship. Strong showings are key.

Nick Borgaro (1310.5 points) - Borgaro must aim for top finishes to close the gap on the leaders.

Kendle Miles (1300 points) - Miles needs to capitalize on his consistent performance to challenge for the top spot. Top 5 finishes in both of the last 2 events are a must.

Giorgio Clinaz (1250 points) - Clinaz has the talent to make a move up the standings with top-tier finishes. He’ll need to find his stride on the CB TOUR and break out for a win if he wants a shot out the points championship.

Andy Kinney (1190 points) - Kinney should aim for strong performances in the remaining events to climb the rankings. He will also need some help from Alex to challenge for Champion Bowler of the Year.

Chase Nadeau (1162.5 points) - Nadeau needs consistent, high finishes to make a push for the top. However an absence from the Coach K Scholarship Open will make a run at the points championship ring near impossible.

Luke Brown (1110 points) - Brown's skills can help him move up the standings with standout performances.

Tyler Kelley (1025 points) - Kelley must focus on maintaining his consistency to stay in contention, and keep his position in the points.

Riley Woodard (975 points) - Woodard needs strong showings to move higher in the rankings. And cash for more prize money.

Charles Wilkin (960 points) - Wilkin's position is solid, but he needs to excel in upcoming events to challenge the leaders.

Eric Tsuchida (960 points) - Tsuchida's record-breaking performance demonstrates his potential; he must stay consistent.

Art Ouzenian (910 points) - Ouzenian can make significant gains with top finishes in the final 2 events of the season.

Josh Groves (895 points) - Groves needs standout performances to move up the rankings. He is very close to the cash line for the points.

Cameron Henning (885 points) - Henning should focus on strong showings to advance in the standings. He is on the bubble for cashing in the points.

Next up is the Coach K Scholarship Open at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas! Some BIG names are confirmed to be there including Alex Hoskins, Daria Pajak, Sean Rash, Giorgio Clinaz, and from what we hear our boy Darren Tang! We can’t wait to see you all there and in the livestream!

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