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CB TOUR Points Standings After the Rumbi Island Grill Classic

After a dramatic start to the CB TOUR season at the Rumbi Island Grill Classic, the points championship standings are nothing short of electrifying. With three events left, including the tour's lone major, the CB Masters, the race for the points lead is wide open, and the top bowlers are are feeling the pressure to get as many points as they can.

As it currently stands, Alex Hoskins commands the points leaderboard with 1000 points to his name. His victory at the Rumbi Classic propelled him to this enviable position. But with the CB Masters on the horizon, Hoskins is well aware that he needs to stay on top of his game. To maintain his lead, he'll have to put up just as an impressive performance as he did at the RIGC and secure a top position, preferably first, to deter any challenges.

Hot on his heels is Nick Borgaro, who sits in the second spot with 800 points. Borgaro's consistent performance kept him within striking distance of the points lead. He's eyeing the CB Masters as his opportunity to not only clinch a major title but also to leapfrog into the lead. For Borgaro to claim the top spot, he'll need to secure a victory or finish ahead of Hoskins by a significant margin.

Dallas Leong is positioned third with 750 points. His impressive finish at the Rumbi Classic including securing the high qualifying series bonus points, established him as a serious contender . Leong understands that a strong showing at the CB Masters, combined with the bonus points for high qualifuer and 300 game, can propel him to the lead. To do this, he'll aim for a victory or a finish high enough to maximize his points gain.

Luke Brown, Andy Kinney, and Charles Wilkins hold the 4th to 6th positions, respectively. While they're slightly behind the leaders, they're by no means out of the race. Their key to taking the lead is clear: a victory at the CB Masters coupled with bonus points could catapult any of them into the top position. The margin is tight, but their skills and experience make them strong contenders heading to the CB Masters.

Chase Nadeau and Kyle Morrison share the 9th position, both with 337.5 points. This tie showcases the depth of competition in the CB TOUR and how tight the bracket gets. For Nadeau and Morrison, the path to the lead requires a win at the CB Masters, ideally with some bonus points. Additionally, they'll need the top contenders to finish outside the the top 10.

Further down the leaderboard, bowlers like Riley Woodard, Giorgio Clinaz, and Tyler Lopez are still within striking distance. Their consistent performances at the RIGC has kept them in contention, and with the extra points for the major championship, they are still a threat. To claim the lead, they'll need a victory at the CB Masters and for the top 10 contenders to finish outside the top 10 and accrue no bonus points.

The CB Masters, with its hefty points allocation, is the pivotal battleground. With an additional 500 points available for each position, the event has the potential to reshape the standings dramatically. It's not just about winning; it's about capturing as many points as you can get. This will be the last chance to get this many points and only 2 events left on the 2nd half of the season.

As the CB TOUR season progresses, the competition for the points lead promises to be a nail-biting spectacle. Each frame bowled at the Masters will have a direct impact on the standings. Bowlers are meticulously watching the leaderboard trying to catch some bonus points, knowing that every pin matters in this race for the number 1 spot.

The journey to the points lead is filled with challenges, but it's these challenges that make the pursuit that much more captivating. This is what makes the CB TOUR different, the Champion Bowler of the Year for season 1 will make history and set the bar on what it takes to claim that title.

The 2023 CB Masters kicks off at 4 PM Friday September 29th at Sparetime Lanes in Roy, Utah. With a record setting attendance comes a record setting prize fund, estimated to touch $25,000 in main event prize money and $20,000 in side event prize money, you are not going to want to miss it.

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