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2023 Championship Bowling Masters Power Rankings

Last year I told you it is rare when we get to see history created, that we get to see it made and added to, but the very beginning of such things are few and far between. These things only happen when a passion so strong it is unphased by the goliath powers that push against, meets a dream that aims to shoot past the stars. Last year I got to see the outcome of this meeting and as beautiful as it was, it came with a request. Now that we have gotten this special moment, it is our duty, responsibility and commitment to carry this on so that one day that moment will be history created, not history forgotten. The Championship Bowling Masters will have a tradition built because of the passion behind the people who work to create it, and those who participate in it. Year 2 starts now, with a record setting field and stakes that have been elevated. 500 extra points on the CB TOUR, the lone major, and now the prestige to be a major champion. Welcome friends, to the 2023 Championship Bowling Masters.

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