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The 2023 CB TOUR Championship: Top Contenders, Surprises, and What to Expect!

The end of season 1 is here. We saw everything from dominant performances to upsets no one saw coming. New venues introducing the magic CB TOUR delivers to an audience who loves bowling. Now we head to the pinnacle of bowling centers to crown our first Champion Bowler of the Year. What a way to cap off the first step in this journey, under the bright lights of the Stadium on a ticky pattern that anyone can score on. This season has been great proving what our values can do to help grow this game. But before we get too far ahead of ourselves let's send off season 1 with a bang with our top 10 for the CB TOUR Championship!

NOTE* - At the time of writing this, points championship contender Kendle Miles has not entered into the 2023 CB TOUR Championship. His exclusion from the rankings reflects this.

10. Riley Woodard - I was stuck on this spot for a bit since there are a handful of folks that have arguments for this spot; Art, Nickolas, Manny, Eric, and Dallas Burke. However right now I know RIley has been bowling well, and I think he will bowl well on this pattern and in the stadium. Anytime Riley can play further right he has a shot to put up big numbers and the carry is pretty decent in the stadium. RIley also sits 9th in the points and with several absences from folks in the top 16, he has a shot at shooting up the standings. 

9. Cameron Henning - Cameron made an impressive showing at the last event of the SNWT season making the step ladder in a high scoring affair. Ultimately he caught a pair that Daria loved and he didn't and was eliminated in the first step ladder match. Cameron is really good when he can play straighter and he should be able to do just that on this pattern. The question always is can he keep up as they migrate left and the scoring pace is higher. The Grand FInals allowed bowlers to play right for a very long time but I’m not sure he will be able to stay there for as long this weekend in the stadium. Cameron is dangerous though and sits 8th in the points 10 points above Riley.

8. Clay Rees - Clay has the most to gain this weekend when it comes to points standings. He currently sits 20th and with a solid performance this weekend, could shoot into the top 10. He has bowled pretty well as of late and I think he will fare just fine in the stadium on this pattern. There are a lot of different angles that will work this weekend and I think Clay will be able to strike a fair amount. As long as he makes good decisions, and bowls with that swagger we have seen out of him in the past, Clay could make his return to the finals on the CB TOUR since the 2022 Masters.

7. Nick Borgaro - Nick is coming off a 2nd place finish at the SNWT Grand Finals where he lost to Champion Alex Hoskins. This pattern will suit him very well, but as it transitions, Nick may find it tough to strike. We saw him bowl very well at the RIGC earlier this year on a similar pattern, but the environment is different, and the options are wider. We know that anything can happen in the bracket, and matchups will be important. If the bracket is 24, that top 8 bye will be massively important to Nick. This is a big change of pace compared to what we just saw in Burley. Scoring pace doesn't really matter, it's all about nabbing a W. Nick has been very good at that this year, and in a tight points race in the top 10, 1 win could be huge.

6. Lanndyn Carnate - This will be the first time we see Lanndyn on the CB TOUR, but he is no stranger to this venue. Lanndyn has bowled at the stadium, and has been very successful on the regional circuit. This pattern will be a bit different than what he is used to though, as the patterns he is used to typically play a certain way. Will that matter? I don’t really think so for Landynn, we saw him put on a masterful performance at the Idaho Masters a few years ago, and I think his game fits this pattern great. If you didn't know who Lanndyn was before this weekend, you’re going to when the dust settles.

5. PJ Haggerty - No stranger to us, however he is making his first CB TOUR start this weekend. We have seen PJ dominate the Storm Utah Open on multiple occasions, and his game fits this pattern extremely well. He is no slouch in matchplay and his fiery attitude makes for some great matches. His ball roll is forward, and he is able to play straighter for longer than most. When testing this pattern the longer you could keep your angles in front of you the better off you were. It will be really tough to beat PJ this weekend, and I just hope the matches between him and the rest of the top 5 are later on Sunday. 

4. Darren Tang - Darren is making his 2nd CB TOUR appearance in a row after a solid run finishing 5th at the CKSO. He lost to eventual champion Kendle Miles where Kendle won both of the games in their match. This pattern will play wildly different from what we saw at the Gold Coast though and I think that is a good thing for Darren. Urethane looks to be in play for a bit, then reactive at the friction after that. Darren has the feel for the cadence CB TOUR events have now and I think once he gets comfortable he could very well end one of our points Championship contenders run. 

3. Dallas Leong - Dallas comes to us after a heartbroken loss in the title match at the CKSO. Going to a roll off in the semi finals only to be iced by the lanes turning off, then sending the title match to a roll off was a whirlwind of emotions. I know that one hurt, I could see it in Dallas’s eyes after the match. These things are not easy to win, or even get close to winning. So many things have to go your way out of your control to even be given the chance to throw a shot to win. Dallas is looking for redemption this weekend, and could take over one of the top 3 spots in the points with a win. If PJ’s ball roll will work well here, Dallas’s certainly will too nd he could be a major factor in ending a contenders weekend, 

2. Kyle Morrison -  Mr. 4th place. Kyle has just come up short 3 times on the CB TOUR from advancing to the title match. He has gone through arguably the most amount of peaks and valleys as anyone has in the field. Kyle has shown how strong of a competitor he is, shrugging off pocket 7-10’s and throwing good shots when he has needed to, Now I think with all the spotlight of being a Championship Contender, his time to put the hammer down is now. There is 1 man standing in his way, and if we get to see their match, I can guarantee you it will be epic. Kyle Morrison needs a win this weekend, and I know he wants it really damn bad.

1. Alex Hoskins - Alex ma boi. What a season huh? Going back to back in the first 2 events, redeeming your 2022 CB Masters. Throwing some of the purest shots in the most clutch situations I have ever seen. This season has been epic in large part because of you. The bar has been set so high for seasons to come and now we are just 1 event away from capping it off with a points championship and a ring. His path is the easiest of all contenders, and I really think Alex could whack them on this pattern. I want to thank you for putting on a show for the hundreds of thousands of our fans who watch over all our social media. Your battle with Kyle this weekend will not come easy, although on paper it may look that way. All I can say is, I can not wait to watch it all with you and get to call something as special as this weekend.

Coverage for the 2023 CB TOUR Championship begins Saturday, 12/9,  at 9:00 AM PST with the first of 3 qualifying squads. Finals begin Sunday, 12/10, at 9:00 AM PST with Cashers round followed by the bracket.

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